Brian Wagner

CEO - Company founder and CEO, based in Victoria, BC

Brian holds a science degree in experimental psychology from the University of Calgary, and started the business in 2004 when the NHP Regulations were first published. Brian has been a vocal and passionate advocate for change in the natural health sector since 2006 when Bill C-51 was first tabled. In 2007-2008, it became apparent to Canadian manufacturers that Health Canada was mis-regulating the natural health products sector, and an informal gathering of concerned suppliers — calling itself the “NHP Leadership Roundtable” — was established, including Natural Factors, SISU, Swiss Natural, Ecotrend, Tallgrass, Flora Manufacturing, Purity and Jamieson. Brian provided high-level expertise and passionate advocacy, advancing the standards of evidence agenda. In early 2008, only 28% of submitted nhp applications made it past the first assessment stage, and a staggering 66% never received a final approval. Brian’s work with the Canadian Health Food Association and the Roundtable advanced this cause forward, and Brian was invited to play a strong role in Health Canada’s Program Advisory Committee. The end result was the eventual publication of the revised standards of evidence (Pathway for Licensing Modern Health Claims) in 2012. Since this time, Brian has served on various regulatory advisory committees with trade associations. Brian’s current role in NHP Consulting is in providing strategic and long-term planning for the company.