Our Approach

NHP Consulting is your best choice
for international consulting services
in the health product industry.
For many years our consultants have been trusted partners for our clients, and international business development is no exception. We are thrilled to bring our clients into new markets with confidence and care. Our company has a singular objective – to improve our clients’ chances of success in the markets they penetrate.

Identifying Priority Markets

Our first priority is helping you identify which markets are your best options for expansion. Out of this we provide advice and marketing research to help you decide which markets to further explore.You’ve decided to expand internationally. Where do you start? It’s a daunting task, and it may be surprising to learn that many exporters often start where they feel most comfortable. It could be a personal connection in Iran, or a relative in Hong Kong. It may not begin with country investigations, but before long various countries need investigating.
There are many markets to explore, and some may be a better fit than others (e.g., cosmetics are greatly prized in Iran and Korea). Our team has experience in many markets, but more importantly we are capable of learning new markets and providing you with the tools to qualify them.

Understanding your business – strengths and potential weaknesses – will be fundamental in this first phase. Our International Business Development Manager will spend three days on site with your senior team, after which we will have a better understanding of your corporate culture, existing opportunities, and export readiness.

From there we will provide market research on the more salient priority markets you/we identify together. Our recommendation is choosing one or two priority markets after this phase is complete, bringing them into the second phase for more specific analysis.

Market Research

Our specific research here is unique, providing you with key information helping you qualify this market opportunity, including the competitive landscape, unique barriers of entry for your products, and distribution/sales channel options.

After priority markets are identified, an international strategy then requires focus. We will provide you with specific market research on the desired market, including a country profile, market size assessment, market potential (by categories), current market trends, the competitive landscape and its key players, regulatory challenges, language barriers (and label requirements), cultural differences, and insight into any political sensitivities.

We provide you with a written report for the target market, which will form the basis of your decision to progress to the next phase (business plan).

A vital aspect of our work is helping you understand the factors that affect international success, and for your company to develop its own ability to qualify a market. We are here to help you learn how to grow internationally, just as we are to help you grow.

Foreign Market Business Plan

Crucial in developing our plan is finding and qualifying foreign partners for distribution/sales. Feet on the ground, we screen partners and engage in foreign embasses on your behalf. Out of this, we craft a unique business plan and provide your staff with training and development in export practice.

Now that you have decided on which market you want to pursue, having an intentional plan is pivotal to your success. We will write this business plan for your company, with your senior input, and which you will use for your final review of the opportunity before implementation.

We will provide a situational analysis (both internal and external) of your company’s performance issues and product lines; export readiness and internal preparation; SWOT analysis; product inventory and ordering capabilities/targets; and logistics. We will also provide entry decision recommendations, positioning suggestions (price, channels, SKU focus), and a market penetration strategy. This plan will mitigate any risks associated with the new market, providing you with confidence. You are not expected to know how any of this works – which is why we’re here to help you. You’ve succeeded in your domestic market, let us be your guide for global expansion.

One of the most vital components in preparing our plan is having feet on the ground in the desired market – we will travel on your behalf, interviewing partners overseas, and providing you with information and suggestions in the real world. Finding a strategic distributor is the single most important factor in your success, and our company will conduct in-depth screening of such partners. Well before you sign papers and shake hands.
Contract negotiation is important for finalizing the forecast, and our team has experience in recognizing contract clauses of potential concern. Liaison with Export Development Canada (EDC) and foreign banks/embassies to help secure letters of credit or payment insurance, will provide you with peace of mind during the process.


Once the plan is in place, we support you during the implementation phase, and are a long-term partner in the years that follow.With a business plan prepared and accepted by your senior team, implementing the plan will happen from within your company and also with our continued help.

We will recruit and/or train staff for the management of your export operations. Our long-term role is providing feedback on forecasting, profitability, margin review, inventory control and pricing insight – adjusting the business plan as needed once real world numbers roll in.

Many unique needs arise in the implementation phase, but we are here to provide long-term support and liaison overseas where needed. One of the most challenging aspects of overseas business is not being there – not having your own staff with feet on the ground. Our team is available to travel to your market should any issues arise, with or without someone from your team.

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